About Union Investment TFI S.A.

Close to markets and close to Clients

In the dynamically changing environment institutional investors more than ever seek a stable and reliable partner for managing their investments. Partnership, professionalism, transparency and creativity have been the key principles guiding Union Investment TFI S.A. for more than 21 years of market presence. We strive to meet the specific requirements set by our institutional Clients by offering innovative capital-preservation strategies, tailor-made asset management solutions and customized advisory among broad asset classes. The qualities that distinguish us from our competitors are the in-depth understanding of our Clients’ needs, consistent focus on innovation and uncompromising commitment to transparency.

Our investment professionals show an outstanding level of integrity and experience. As one of the most stable and established investment teams in Poland we set the market standards to CEE investments, with respect to research, performance, risk management and ethics. We also remain convinced that the use of fundamental approach with simultaneous active portfolio management constitutes an optimal combination that enables us to add value to the portfolios of our Clients. The following is achieved in line with strict risk controlling procedures, which are an integral part of the investment process.

Our highly experienced Client relationship managers dedicated to servicing international Clients will be pleased to answer your queries and provide you with further information on strategies utilized by Union Investment TFI S.A.

Union Investment: your partner for professional asset management solutions in CEE

Union Investment TFI S.A. is part of Union Asset Management Holding, one of Germany’s largest asset managers for private and institutional investors. In Poland, we have been active since 1995, growing our market share and competence in various asset classes, including money market, debt, equities and quantitative.

Our core business focuses around investments in Poland and other CEE countries.

Group legal structure

Recognition from independent experts

During the last 21 years on the market, Union Investment TFI S.A. has built its reputation among Clients as well as independent journalists, analysts and industry experts. Outstanding quality and portfolio management skills have put us ahead of our direct peers, which is reflected in a significantly larger amount of award wins. Year after year we have strived to deliver the best-in-class solutions, prioritizing the best interest of our Clients. This has brought not only substantial benefits to our clientele, but has been noticed and appreciated by most renowned local rating agencies, investment journalists and field experts.