Company's Mission

Union Investment's Mission

Our core business activities include effective multiplication of cash for our Customers and Partners. Responsibility for our funds’ results is borne by the most stable managing team in Poland, unchanged over a decade. Our staff’s vast knowledge and experience of many years enables us to actively create innovative investment products, ideally suited to the needs of our Customers, as well as to specific market conditions. We are a reliable investment partner, oriented towards effective collaboration in the long term and under any conditions, and we can safely take care of your money.

Union Investment’s Vision

We believe that it is possible to combine successful investments with ethical attitude, as well as healthy and fundamental principles of social coexistence. We treat the world and people with respect, ensuring that our internal relationships with Customers and Partners alike are honest, based on mutual esteem and open and direct communication. We are one hundred percent committed to what we do and focused on continuous development and constant self-improvement, because we believe that only this way will we be able to actively respond to the challenges of the future.