Discretionary mandates & advisory

Active portfolio management with Union Investment

Professionalism, dynamics and partnership – the asset management service consists in managing asset portfolios belonging to corporate customers, which may include numerous financial instruments. This assures adapting the investment strategies to the needs and preferences of investors. The offer is designed for customers who are interested in more flexibility in their own portfolios in comparison to conventional funds.

Professional asset management

With the authorization of Union Investment to manage your cash and financial instruments, our experts make the most beneficial decisions while investing assets in the capital market. Those are always adapted to your needs, preferences regarding the composition of portfolio, the expected rate of return, and acceptable risk.

Advantages of professional portfolio management
  • Flexibility – you choose your portfolio management strategy based on the acceptable level of risk and investment horizon. Our experts are guided by your expectations and needs.
  • Security of investments – assets remain your property and they are deposited in separate accounts: cash and securities ones.
  • Transparency – you receive monthly reports with transaction statements, total assets at the end of the period, and other necessary information.
  • Knowledge and experience – decisions are made by a professional team of Union Investment TFI managers.

Asset management strategies in Union Investment

Standard strategies (from PLN 2 million)

Our experts make strategic decisions, taking into account your individual needs, preferences as to the portfolio’s structure, the expected rate of return, and acceptable risk.


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 Debt securities strategyStable growth strategyBalanced strategyEquity strategy
Strategic allocationDebt securities 100%Debt securities
70% shares 30%
Debt securities
50% shares 50%
shres 100%
Portfolio’s benchmarkBPOL 1-530 % WIG, 70% BPOL 1-350 % WIG, 50% BPOL 1-3WIG
Investor’s profileStrategy beneficial for investors with low risk appetite, whose main objective is to preserve capital – even at the expense of lower income.Strategy designed for investors allowing low investment risk, whose priority is to preserve capital over medium-term horizon.Strategy beneficial for investors willing to invest in shares, accepting low level of portfolio volatility over long-term horizon.Strategy designed primarily for investors with a high level of risk appetite, interested in increasing the value of assets only over long-term horizon.


Individual strategies (from PLN 10 million)

Investment strategy is determined on the basis of individual assessment of the customer’s preferences, the level of investment risk acceptance, and expectations regarding the profit.

Useful information

More detailed information about the asset management offer can be obtained by:

  • reading the Terms and Conditions of Portfolio Management and the Information Prospectus (Polish version);
  • contacting our consultants at (+48 22) 449 04 92, (+48 22) 449 04 97, (+48 22) 449 04 14;
  • sending an e-mail to instytucje@union-investment.pl.

Due diligence processes

We believe in the quality of internal processes and procedures as well as the value of the services we provide. Therefore, we are prepared to forego extensive due diligence checks on both company and product level. Union Investment has invested substantial assets into advanced fund and risk management tools. Moreover, we implement compliance procedures and policies that keep the integrity of the entire company in place. Being aware of the importance of these aspects we will be pleased to provide completed questionnaires, RfPs and RfIs as well as invite all current and potential Customers for on-site meetings as part of a detailed due diligence process.